Books & Authors

“‘Flying’ on ‘The Fly List: Books About Takeoffs, Landings and Bumpy Rides’ ”

ICAR Professor’s Book Explores Terrorism from a Personal Perspective”

“Current Events Delay Books About Future,”
Military Times Books, Tapes and Things supplement, September 1992

“Twice a Winner: Carver Kids Beat Judges to the Punch,”
Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 1992

“Closer Looks: New Nonfiction Offers Insights on Pearl Harbor Attack, Vietnam Today,”
Military Times Books, Tapes and Things supplement, January 1994

“Children’s Book Writer Beat Publishing Odds,”
Richmond Times-Dispatch, April 1992

“From the Bookshelf: Scary Stories are Just the Thing to Put Thrills and Chills into Kids’ Halloween Reading,”
For Kids’ Sake, October 1992

“From the Bookshelf: Back-to-School Time is the Right Time for New Books – and Several New Releases may be Just Right for Your Kids,”
For Kids’ Sake, September 1992

“Children’s Book Industry Has Done a Lot of Growing Up,”
Richmond Times-Dispatch, November 1991