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Coming soon: Laura Stassi’s book Romance Redux: Finding Love in Your Later Years (Rowman & Littlefield). It’s part memoir, part exploration of issues as well as true stories shared on Laura’s public radio podcast, Dating While Gray.

Laura was married for almost 30 years before getting divorced. Newly single, she turned to friends and relationship experts for advice. On Dating While Gray and now, Romance Redux, Laura shares lessons she’s learned as well as other true stories and information related to seeking, finding, and keeping love at age 50 and beyond. When it comes to romance, older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser!

Laura has spent her entire career sharing relatable and thought-provoking true stories. Her first published piece profiled the parents of a fallen Marine who channeled their grief into establishing one of the nation’s first volunteer support groups for military families. Among the other amazing people Laura has interviewed: a daughter of legendary civil rights figure Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, pioneering LGBT journalist Randy Shilts, and her own mother, whose childhood memories of dance parties with Harper Lee and Truman Capote informed a travel feature Laura wrote for The Washington Post.